Conversational AI Support AISAAC assists all your customers and collaborators without pause or interruptions, offering solutions suitable for SMEs and Corporates

AISAAC is always available (24/7)  powerful thanks to GPT  multilingual  reliable with NLPV  multi-channel  integrates with your IT system




Travel & Hospitality

Assistance Center


Privacy and Security

All data is processed in accordance with GDPR regulations, ensuring the protection of intellectual property, which remains with the licensee

GPT Model

GPT Models

Want to leverage the power of generative models like GPT?
With AISAAC, generative technology is right at home!


Designed in Italy but perfectly usable in other languages, and need simultaneous translation? No problem!

Analisi dei dati

Data Analysis

Understanding how your customers behave and what they ask for is essential. AISAAC collects and organizes all the information that passes through to give you a clear and immediate overview

On the Phone with
Artificial Intelligence

Provide your customers with a constantly active and ready support, consulting, and booking service.

Never miss out on opportunities again.



The features and full control of our solution have allowed us to integrate with various systems. If yours isn’t present, that’s not a problem!

Call Center

Operators and Tickets

For more demanding solutions, functionalities can be activated to redirect to a human operator and/or manage support tickets

Calendario appuntamenti


Organize your calendars, divided by department, service, and operator, with automatic notifications, validation, editing, and simplified cancellation of reservations

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction Level

The importance of knowing what your users think of your service?
With AISAAC, you can ask for, collect, and analyze satisfaction levels on whatever you desire

Chat Naturally

24-hour support and assistance, every day of the year, directly from your website or Web Application!

Not just chat, but also data extraction and visualization, sending and receiving files, private areas, and everything else your business needs.

Qualify Contacts

Using specific algorithms, we can qualify users and provide you with a clear vision of your prospects


Attachments and Documents

If you need to receive or send documents instantly or via email, no problem, this functionality is already available


If you need to “certify” a transaction, we can include a professional Blockchain service


Restricted Areas

With our OTP technology, you can securely receive confidential information or documents

OVERTIME: The ROI of your investment in real-time
An exclusive feature, you can autonomously decide the value of your contacts and discover, with numbers in hand, how much the solution is returning on your investment.

The data presented are real, from just one project, for the period: December 2022 to October 2023, generating an ROI of over €81,000

How can conversational artificial intelligence help businesses operating in the tourism sector?

Avatar 3D

The evolution of conversational solutions, available on Totem Touch Screens and Holographic systems

totem con avatar

Operational Channels


Multimedia Totems


Holographic Totems

Istant Messanger

WhatsApp, Telegram


Website, eCommerce


Microsoft Teams


VoIP Telephony


CRM, ERP, Software

Are you a Small or Medium Enterprise?

We have a solution specifically designed for you, offering a high-quality and secure product. Made for Corporates and made accessible to your business.

Tell us about your project.

Are you a Corporate?

Starting with data security and confidentiality, we offer top-level solutions, in Cloud and On-Premises on Microsoft architecture, customizable and integrable with your IT systems.

Tell us about your project.


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